Jacqueline Lowe
Outgoing, Humanitarian, Insightful
My superpower is being able to connect and make friends with anyone!
I was raised by a group of strong, independent women. I have a sister, she just turned 12. As I watch her grow and navigate the world, I wonder, what can I do to help her? What can I do to help all the girls become powerful women?
Jacqueline was born and raised in Germany and moved to Asheville in 2008 to attend UNCA to study Environmental Policy & Management. While pursing her Master's, she was a GIS Intern at the National Environmental Modeling and Analysis Center and volunteered at several environmental nonprofits. After working in GIS, Jacqueline began working with The Collider to help accelerate the development of climate solutions. She now works in community engagement and communication, and likes to sing for fun!