Heather Neff
Graphic Design Leader, Trainer
Neff Creative
Outgoing, Funny, and Intelligent
Drawing and Painting well
I would love to help the next generation of women become successful. Branding is a huge part of this in business!
Heather Shirin Neff is the owner and lead designer of Neff Creative with over 18 years of business development, marketing and digital graphic design expertise. She specializes in UX (User Experience) design for websites and mobile apps, and the design of custom vector .svg files for high def retina displays with faster load times. She is an expert in Adobe Creative Cloud and the creation of branded sales collateral. She has worked for Disney®, Celtic Sea Salt® and many enterprise level eCommerce companies. Since moving to Asheville from Boston in 2009, she has worked with many local clients such as Burntshirt Vineyards, AdLib, Celtic Sea Salt® and Rosetta's Kitchen. Heather is also a talented Fine Artist and enjoys painting art nouveau portraits of women.