Deanna Jannuzzi Banaszak
Mentor + Sponsor
Crunchy Bananas
Supportive, Passionate, Energetic
Everyone deserves the chance to sparkle and shine; I spread kindness and instill confidence in others to be true to themselves.
It's invaluable that we create a supportive community for young women to encourage dreaming, to know they can achieve anything they put their mind to, and to not be afraid to do it while staying true to their own voice.
Offering an eclectic background rooted in innovation and creativity, Deanna brings a wealth of operational knowledge, passion for quality, and insightful perspectives to any partnership. With years of experience ranging from professional photography to R&D product engineering, she has the ability to craft concepts to life. Finding inspiration in every aspect of life, she fuels her creativity by exploring nature, practicing yoga, and dreaming up adventures.