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Top Myths about Entrepreneurship

by Mar 9, 2020Camp Curriculum, Camp Leadership, Middle School Girls

Top Myths about Entrepreneurship

by | Mar 9, 2020 | Camp Curriculum, Camp Leadership, Middle School Girls

What we see all too often is that the world has a very misunderstood view of what it takes to be a successful Entrepreneur. In the media it is typically portrayed as either a secret code that very few people possess, or a trait that anyone can embody, simply by having an idea. The reality is that entrepreneurship actually falls in the middle of those two extremes. Not everyone is built to be an full-blown entrepreneur, but most people have the potential to nurture the capability within themselves.

To fully understand where along the entrepreneurial spectrum you land, here are some of the common Myths and Truths behind Entrepreneurship.

To understand Entrepreneurship, you need to first understand Innovation:

  • Innovation is a NEW way to solve current or future problems
  • Innovation starts with an Idea
  • Ideas want to be born
  • People are born to bring Ideas to life
  • Ideas need People, and People need Ideas

Entrepreneurship is Innovation brought to life:

  • Entrepreneurship is the act of using Ideas to present Solutions (Problem/Solution Fit)
  • The challenge is finding the kind of problem that you can solve which people are willing to pay for the kind of solution that you offer (Product/Market Fit)

An Entrepreneur is:

  • Someone who is willing and able to present the kind of Solution that People want to Pay for
  • Someone who builds a business around offering their Solution to the world
  • Someone who makes money by solving problems for other people
  • Anyone who is willing start and run their own business venture

TRUTH about Entrepreneurship:

  • Isn’t for everyone
  • Can be scary
  • Is hard work
  • Is never a guarantee

Women are GREAT Entrepreneurs:

  • Entrepreneurship is a phenomenal way for women to change the world
  • Women have a special perspective on the world
  • Women are often natural multi-taskers
  • Women are often intuitive, attentive, and expressive
  • Women are typically problem solvers
  • Women’s ideas and voices are needed for the future of the planet

The most beautiful part of Entrepreneurship is that it isn’t “One Size Fits All.” The unique approach and personality that you bring to the way you define it within your own business is what makes each company special. In Camp Girl Boss, we continually encourage the girls to fully celebrate what makes them different, since those quirks and passions will bring life to their brand.

If you are working to gain clarity around your own definition of Entrepreneurship, we suggest taking some time to journal around your own Passions, Skills, and Vision for the work that you’re doing. It is also extremely helpful to reach out to other Founders to ask them how they have navigated their own journey to being an Entrepreneur.

Get curious. Take time to reflect. And build a network of supporters!