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Structuring the Camp Girl Boss Curriculum

by Mar 9, 2020Camp Curriculum, Camp Leadership

Structuring the Camp Girl Boss Curriculum

by | Mar 9, 2020 | Camp Curriculum, Camp Leadership

Have you had a chance to look at the curriculum created for Camp Girl Boss yet? We offer a unique combination of Entrepreneurship, Thought Leadership, Life Skills, Public Speaking, Digital Marketing, and more! Which makes for a pretty sweet summer camp, if you ask us.

Each year our team has integrated a curriculum that leverages the “best of the best” of entrepreneurial material, and then tweaked even more to capture the attention of our girl bosses. We may gush over our Playbooks, but for great reason! Our team is committed to crafting content which reaches girls between the ages of 10 and 13 (which isn’t easy), and curate material that stays fresh and relevant in a space not often focused on for this age group. 

The Camp Girl Boss program is an immersive, participant-centered, problem-based learning experience for young girls to discover their innate ability to be creative leaders in business and in the community. The core curriculum is delivered via video modules; therefore, the role of the facilitator is not to lecture as a subject matter expert, but instead to actively coach the conversations and individual journey of self-discovery.

The curriculum is delivered around the following methodology:

  • Experiential Learning: 70% of the time during the Camp is spent in hands-on activities, instead of lecture-style learning, to present practical knowledge and response training
  • Self-Directed Learning: Almost every module makes time for Independent reflection to ensure every participant is provided ample time to be proactive in their application 
  • Peer-to-Peer Learning: Facilitators help to direct group conversation to ensure retention and topic clarity is achieved, especially for the foundational principles of the curriculum
  • Problem-Based Learning: Throughout the week, real-world stories and scenarios are presented for attendees to be presented with complex and realistic problem-solving situations in order to develop their own assessment and critical thinking skills

Throughout the Camp experience, the curriculum and activities revolve around the following objectives:

  • Self-Reflection: Offer independent activities where the Girl Bosses can spend time thinking, questioning, and reflecting on their own ideas around leadership
  • Creative & Analytical Expression: Various projects incorporate a combination of left brain and right brain, to offer participants both avenues to process and engage within the concepts
  • Fundamental Concept Retention: Considering the ages of our participants, we recognize that most of the Girl Bosses will not remember the definitions or formulas behind business management. However, the deeper ‘aha’ moments will shift their thinking, and that change can last a lifetime. We strive to inspire young women to think like an entrepreneur.
  • Leadership Development: Girl Bosses have the potential to shape our future, and we strive to empower each of them to believe in the power of choice, idea, voice, and action.
  • Story & Fun: Entrepreneurship presents an enjoyable way to process some of life’s most complicated topics. Using fun and story-based activities, we are able to introduce a more approachable way to show girls how to build a relationship with intimidating concepts.

The Camp Girl Boss curriculum is a combination of the following programmatic models:

In addition to revamping many of our activities and curriculum guides, the Camp Girl Boss team is currently in production with the newest version of the Video Modules. All of the 28 modules provided for the week-long camp are being filmed via video to ensure that the material is current, applicable, and entertaining for the Girl Bosses. Stay tuned for more video projects being shared through our blog as we continue to update out multimedia outreach strategy!